Because we are – the referees

The ball is on court

Ready to be played

To be played by the pros and stars who just woke up from sleep

The whole world is waiting to watch the game

The game is a battle of life and death

The play field stretches from Cape Town to Tunis

From Djibouti to Freetown

The field is dotted with snow-capped, high peaked mountains

And around the corner are deep and dark scary valleys

The sunlight is so hot

Yet all of a sudden, a nice breeze ensues

And cools up the players

The rainfall is so torrential

Yet out of the blue, a warm temperate condition emerges

And dries up the players



Because we are

We are the referee

We are impartial and fair

We believe in the game

We’ll play till the finish

When the referee blows the whistle

The game will start

But it will never stop

The players will play and never get tired

The profuse sweating will generate more adrenaline

The game will renew hope and inspire more action

It will generate courage and inculcate passion

It will a create a ripple of waves that never cease

But you know what

Winning the game depends on the referee,

The referee is here,

Here, right now

It is you and I

It is the new generation of African leaders

Fred Swaniker calls it Generation4

With vigour and valour

With determination and hard work

There is no turning back

No falling down

No wasting time

Because this is the moment

This is the moment to rise up high and reach the mountain top

And start singing the songs of victory as we celebrate



The referee needs support, mentorship and advice

He needs a full set of skills

To understand the new leadership and global dynamics

He needs a network of people who inspire him and teach him

And people who positively criticise him

He needs a new paradigm shift in the way he acts, thinks and behaves

He has lots to learn

Yet he has very little time

He should never give up

But instead be so strong

Strong, the like Egyptian pyramids which has stood the test of time

The tasks that lay ahead are enormous

They are so challenging and complex

And yet with sharing and love

Innovations and creativity

Ingenuity and restlessness

They will be so simple

Simple, just like drinking a glass of water

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